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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Goblin Town is getting bigger!

I started another board section for my Goblin Town today, featuring a large, mountainous rock in one corner, under which is Gollum's cave! I have approached this in a different manner than the other rocky parts of my Goblin Town (mainly because I've run out of large sections of styrofoam!). This time I built up a sort of frame from cardboard and foamboard, around which I have built up strips of cardboard (just regular corrugated stuff) all stuck down with masking tape. All those boxes for new minis in the post are very useful, so hold onto them!

These pictures are at a midway-point of completing the cardboard coverage, to let you see the method. As always, click to enlarge.

The new extension

Gollum's cave underneath

Some of the pool will be included

The main structure. The pieces of pink foam were stuck in to add strength. You can see the tunnel entrance leading to Gollum's cave at the bottom left.

The tunnel leading to Gollum's cave. The hole is to allow movement of the figures in a game. Gollum's cave is to the left.

The old and new boards side-by-side. The old rock wall will be extended slightly and plenty of new walkways will be added all over the place!

The Great Goblin surveys the building work.
Hope you like the new addition! I've had plenty of fun building it. Since taking pictures, I have added stalagmites and stalactites to Gollum's cave. The next step will be papier maché, which I haven't done since Primary School! Then I'll add scenic cement to texture, then the walkways, then paint... phew, still plenty to do yet! And I haven't even finished the first board completely...

Saturday, 13 July 2013

More Dwarves

I've finished some of the dwarves from Thorin's Company. They're good fun to paint due to the individual details and characters and the wide variety of colours. A great exercise in mixing paints and layering!

I've used my own colour scheme for parts of each of them, trying to marry the film and book colours. Fili, for example, has blue edging to keep in with his blue hood in the book, and Gloin has white clothing under his red armour.


Back view of Dwalin


Oin. I was particularly pleased with the face and beard here!

Oin's back has a noticeable line where the arm piece was inserted. I just painted the top grey to make it look like it was meant to be there!


Fili, Oin, Gloin
More to come! I'm expecting my first Mithril Miniatures in the post soon, to represent two mysterious wizards and their chums...